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The story of the brand

After several experiences in some very renowned fashion companies, Cynthia Norendi decided to launch her eponymous leather bag brand on July 2020.

The idea of a brand started sprouting back in 2015 when she was graduating the first year of her Master’s degree after presenting a brand creation project in front of a jury of professionals.

She chose to focus on leather goods with the main idea of offering a collection of bags with strong cultural roots.


Her ethnic background from Guadeloupe (West Indies) gave her inspiration for the creative process : the colors, the style and even the naming of the items.

Her special touch? The feathers: a sensual and festive symbol of the creole culture represented in carnivals that have a very special place in the creative process.  

Her universe then defined, once graduated she began the design of her creative project while perfecting her quality and product skills. After 4 years of hard work, the brand is finally born to the delight of its creator.

About our bags


Our manufacturers - very concerned about quality – perpetuate an over 2000 years old handicraft that keeps on renewing to the rhythm of demand and technological progress.

Our bags are conceived and handmade in our French ateliers where they are cut, assembled and put together.

That is the reason why each and every one of our products are unique.

The products that we have to offer are imagined and made with very special care and are the perfect mix of modernity and originality.


We would like to set as a reminder that leather is a natural material with colors and textures that may vary, nonetheless a wear and tear can be noticeable through time without never altering the beauty of the pieces.

Our leathers are neat and protected but we advise you to keep them away from heat and humidity. You can, if you feel the need to, waterproof the leather part of your bags using polish or milk recommended for their upkeep.

Although, we advise you look up to a leather specialist according to the type of leather your bag is made of.

About our feathers


Feather working is a several century years old French savoir-faire and just like embroidery using a needle and thread, the feather workers use jeweler tools and glue to handle the feathers.

This technique is used ony with natural farmyard birds.

The feathers are collected during the different moulting periods of the birds. No harm has done to them. These are then cared, cleaned and customized as needed.

The feathers can be dyed or ornamented in a specific embellishment perspective.

This exceptional craft often used in haute-couture brings a basic product with depth, color effects and aestheticism back to life.



The feathers on our bags are not in need of any specific care, they are a natural and unique material, the aspect may differ from a bag to another which gives you the guarantee of a one-of-kind item.

To give your marabou bird feathered bags their volume back put them at a 30 cm distance from a hot steamer without making them wet. This technique will make them replenish and embellish their fluffy look.

To get the residue of dust out of your bags, gently shake the dust off or use a small brush.

To protect your bags, keep them in the original « Cynthia Norendi » boxes with silk paper or in a silk bag. You can also assort them on pieces of furniture as long as they are kept away from the sun and humidity.

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