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Jungle Fever

The spirit

Cynthia Norendi is a new leather bag brand. The main goal of the brand is to offer exceptional items with the perfect match between leather quality and feather design.

From the leather’s premium choice to the art of fixing each feather by hand the brand also focuses on the final touches that make a difference. The passion for excellence is and will always be at the root of all the creations.

The products are atypical and praise a strong identity. It is a brand that guarantees and exclusive look and originality.


The catalog

Each bag is created with great passion and precision.

The feather used as the artsy touch is declined on each and every bag with the goal of showcasing the identity of Cynthia Norendi.


The Zando clutch

The ZANDO clutch will be your go to accessory : the ultimate flashy touch makes it a unique piece for a kick on a very neutral outfit or even for making the bolder looks look complete.

It is the best side-kick your outfit could wish for.

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